Cool Cups Day & International Cups Day

Cool Cups Day & International Cups Day

Cool Cups Day was created to Celebrate your "Favorite Cups and Drinkware", and yes just like other holidays you can dress us. Visit this Cool Cup Day Page to get an Idea of what to wear and expect. International Cups Day was created to promote and health drinks and living a healthy life. Visit this the links below to get an Idea of what to wear and expect.


Adult (Mask & Pajama Party)





Celebrations - Festivals

(Cool Cups Day - Last Saturday in May ☕) - Celebrate All Drinkware

(International Cups Day - First Saturday in December ☕) - Celebrating drinking to a health life / promoting all health drinks.

Our Story

Our founder one day at work notice something remarkable. Eureka, An Idea was placed on his mind, he saw many coffee drinkers and tea drinkers enjoying drinks together. While drinking Mr. Evon A. Arnold's favorite drink, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows; and being a big kid at heart he notice that, in the morning everyone comes together... in that same day all his co-workers laughed and him for his morning hot coco routine. Then one person stopped laughing at him and was aware he had a Mug with his name on it. "That's strange but cool, they said"... they want a personalized cup also, its  funny that many others being a little embarrassed mentioned they had a personalized one at home also. So Mr. Arnold told said he can help them create their owner designer cups. He then went back to his office as a Resource Room Coordinator, and came up with the Idea for Cool Cups Day.

How to Celebrate Cool Cups Day & International Cups Day

1) Dress Up in Pajama Party & Night Club Dress-ware

2) Bring you cup take cool pictures.
3) Drink Health Beverages
4) Play Cup Sport Games